Our Brands –

Life and Death

01  —  Food & beverage


A Crunch Above the Rest! At the heart of every memorable snacking experience, you’ll find Patos Chips. We pride ourselves on delivering a unique crunch and unparalleled flavors that have made us a staple in households everywhere.

02  —  Hygiene product


Celebrating the essence of family and the significance of cleanliness, Bora steps up as a beacon of purity in today’s rapidly evolving world. Just as snow illuminates everything it graces, Bora’s range is designed to refresh your surroundings, eliminating impurities and safeguarding against bacteria.

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The Magic Farm

03  —  Food & beverage


In every home, there’s a unique rhythm to how meals are prepared and enjoyed. With the ‘Perfect Family’ range of kitchenware, we ensure that this rhythm never misses a beat.

04  —  Hygiene Product


Introducing ORS, a groundbreaking series that redefines cleanliness and sustainability. ORS is not just a product; it’s a testament to Hygen’s commitment to innovative solutions that are as eco-friendly as they are effective.

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05  —  Baby goods/kids goods


Molfix has been with mothers since 1998 as the best companion of mothers in their adventure of raising their babies. The biggest supporter of babies’ comfort and smiles. Mothers in different countries prefer the quality of Molfix.

06  —  Sports

Bora Basketball

Our basketball team, established in 2022, has already clinched the Kosovo Cup. Beyond this achievement, we are setting a clear example for other teams in terms of player management, discipline, and focus.

Life and Death